# Introduction to Automation

What is Automation Testing?
Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation Testing
Automation Criteria (Whether to Automate or Not)
Web Applications, Web Testing and Test Automation for Web Applications

# Introduction to Selenium 2.3 and WebDriver

Introducing Selenium 
Selenium IDE
Selenium Web Driver
Selenium Grid
Supported Browsers 
Flexibility and Extensiblity

# JAVA, Eclipse IDE and JUnit

Installation of Eclipse (for Selenium WebDriver Programming in JAVA)
Usage of Eclipse 
Sample JAVA Program to Get Hands on Eclipse 
Running & Debugging JAVA Programs
JUnit Basics
Using JUnit with Selenium WebDriver

Configuring your machine for Selenium
Exercise on JUnit, Selenium WebDriver

# Selenium-IDE 2.3

Installing and Opening IDE  
IDE Features  
Building Test Cases  
Running Test Cases in Firefox
Running Test Cases with WebDriver Playback Support  
Using Base URL to Run Test Cases in Different Domains  
Multi Language Formats
Using Test Suites
User Extensions  - Extending the IDE’s functionality
Exercise on Selenium IDE

# Selenium WebDriver in Depth

 Selenium WebDriver
o How to use WebDriver
o WebDriver drivers
o Writing WebDriver scripts
o WebDriver Backed Selenium
o Backing WebDriver with Selenium 
Selenium WebDriver Configuration with Eclipse
Locator Strategies (By ID, By Name, By Link, By PartialLink, By XPath, By CSS Selector, By Tag, By Class)
 X-PATH and Different Techniques
o X-Path Absolute
o X-Path Attribute
o X-Path Relative
o X-Path finder tools
 Hands on WebDriver Commands
Running WebDriver Tests on Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome
Reporting & Verifying Results
Debugging WebDriver Tests
Selenium Server Installation
How Selenium Server Works
How Remote WebDriver Works
Exercise on Selenium WebDriver

# Selenium WebDriver Commands 

 Locating Page and UI Elements 
Commands for Text-boxes, Buttons, Input tags
Commands for Radio buttons, Check-boxes
Commands for Select tag/Lists/Drop-downs, Tables
Commands/Methods to deal with AJAX applications, Dynamic HTML 
 Commands to deal with Alerts, Popups  and Multiple Windows
 Sequence of Evaluation and Flow Control 
Verifying Page Elements and their Attributes 
Exercise on Selenium WebDriver Commands
# Hybrid Automation Framework Development & Usage 

Sample Project Implementation using the Framework
Creation of Framework with Selenium WebDriver
Data Driving in Selenium WebDriver with Excel files (Data Driven Framework)
Usage of Hybrid Framework (Keyword Driven & Data Driven)
Framework Advantages (Maintainability, Re-usability)
Exercise on Hybrid Automation Framework

# Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid Overview
Setting up Selenium Grid
Grid as Collection of Selenium WebDriver nodes
Understanding & Using DesiredCapabilities Class 
Running Parallel & Distributed tests using Selenium Grid
Exercise on Selenium Grid


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