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Khamur IT Solutions is an  IT services company offering world class application and product development services and Remote IT Infrastructure management services. Our strengths are our technical expertise in making diverse work together and our commitment to maintain high service standards. 

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Khamur IT Solutions provides an ideal partner for companies looking for outsourcing or offshoring solutions. Khamur IT Solutions has years of experience in developing cutting edge applications and products for customers overseas and in India. 

Khamur IT Solutions also provides in house, corporate and  online software training programme, online  training   is designed to provide rich learning experience for software engineers who are looking to learn new technologies and  students.  each  Personalized Online Software Training sessions will be one hour to two hours duration and a total of 25 - 45 sessions based on the technology.  Further, the number of Online Software Training sessions are framed based on the interest and mutual understanding of the student and the trainer. Need-based Online Software Training sessions are also handled by . For registration and schedule of online software courses visit Our Online training session.

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