The courses are designed to teach concepts in the areas of Core Java, Server side Java (JEE) and Web development. These courses are either Concept based or Project based. The Concept based courses teach concepts with example programs. You code the programs in the 100% of the training time, while the concepts are explained by the trainer. Project based courses teach you application of concepts and usage of API to develop a project. For example, in a project called "Chat Program", concepts of Object Oriented Programming, Exception Handling and Threads are applied and API for GUI and Networking are used. The Trainer helps you install an Open Source Database or a Web Server on your machine when required.

The courses can also be customized based on your need. So you can add and remove topics from a Concept based course or features from a Project based course. There is also a Hourly Option. In that you can buy as many hours you need and specify the concepts or the project you want. Customization is possible because the training is One on One.

Course Fees Details

Core Java Training, Basic† $40
Core Java Training, Intermediate† $60
Core Java Training, Advanced††(GUI, IO, Database, Threads & Sockets) $80
Core Java Training, Basic and Intermediate $80
Oracle: 10g & 11g $90
SAP All Modules $90
Core Java Training, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced† $100
Training in Design Patterns using Java† $50

Java Training by Projects

Project : Core Java Training, HR Application††(uses JDBC-Database & GUI) $110
Project : Core Java Training, Chat Application†(Threads, Socket-Network & GUI) $110

JEE Training

JEE Training††(Servlets, JSP, JEE, JSTL, EL) $130
JEE Training, Struts† $150
JEE Training, Hibernate† $150

JEE Training by Projects

Project : JEE Training, HR Web App†
(Database, Design patterns, MVC Architecture, JSP/Servlets and Sessions)
Project : JEE Training, Groceries Web Store App†
(Database, Design patterns, MVC Architecture, JSP/Servlets, Shopping cart and Sessions)
Project : JEE Training with Hibernate, Groceries Web Store App††
(Database, Design patterns, MVC Architecture, JSP/Servlets, Hibernate, Shopping cart and Sessions)

Web Site Development Training

Web Site Development Training†(HTML/CSS/Javascript) $80

Java Certification and AP Exam Training

Certification Training : Oracle Certified Associate, Java††(formerly called SCJA) $100
Certification Training : Oracle Certified Professional, Java††(formerly called SCJP) $130
Exam Training : AP Computer Science A, Java† $130

Hourly Price

Hourly, Core Java Training†(basic,intermediate,advanced) $15
Hourly, Web Site Development Training $15
Hourly, JEE Training $20

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Free project files allow you to follow along to reinforce how itís done.

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Set your own pace. Bookmark a lesson, track your progress and much more.

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